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Elite Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic

From the May 19, 2006 publication of the Lawrence Journal-World from Lawrence, Kansas comes a story of a
chiropractor, Dr. Michael Stuart, that has won the trust of some elite track and field athletes. One in particular is Justin Gatlin, who's the world's fastest man. In line with the article, Gatlin, tied the world record in the 100-meter dash under a month after getting his neck, middle back and lower back adjusted by a chiropractor.

Dr. Stuart started taking care of Gatlin, Maurice Greene and also other first-rate athletes during the Kansas Relays. Director of the event, Tim Weaver will be the one that facilitated Dr. Stuarts entrance into the event. Weaver, a former track athlete, was a patient of Stuart more than a year, stated the significance of chiropractic of these athletes by saying, "These athletes, their body is everything, and having it to perform at a higher level is everything." He continued to push how chiropractic helps the athletes perform, "They've taken their bodies to extremes and therefore are doing things on the edge of what evolution is supposed to do here in 2006. They're constantly searching for ways to keep their bodies moving, this also is an additional approach to keep that engine fine-tuned." It was sprinter Maurice Greene who originally requested that Dr. Stuart come help him at the event. Based on the story, it wasn't long before word began to spread among other professional athletes that a chiropractor was around. Weaver tells the story, "They liked him a lot they brought him back the very next day. He's working on once and future world-record holders, and that is of great value to the meet. It provides for us the additional respect, that the Kansas Relays takes better care of superstars than any other meet in the U.S." Dr. Michael Stuart, pictured left, with sprinter Justin Gatlin before the Gold Zone II competition at the Kansas Relays.

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